z.0041.newartlining.jpg Doctor Insano Presents: Not Ready For Prime Time: Crazy Can't Kill You
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Doctor Insano Presents: Not Ready For Prime Time
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Crazy Can't Kill You
Crazy Can't Kill You
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Not Ready For Prime Time Poor Art Disclaimer
Welcome to the Doctor Insano Comic Sandbox.

These are comics that are in their infancy. They may appear on this site in a finalized form later. Or they may never appear. The topics here may vary from Doctor Insano's Sci-Fi focus, and touch on whatever happens to be on the collaborator's mind at any particular moment in time.

This might be your only chance to see them. Most of these comics will be drawn by someone with much less talent than the artist. Namely, the writer. So the art will pretty much suck. Prepare yourself. It might even be painful for your eyes, but if you are really curious, we'll gladly share them with you.

Please note: This section of the site is still in beta testing. The comic link structure may change. How the comics are organized will defiantly change.