Doctor Insano

Villains learn fast,
I am here to save the day.
No foul deed gets past.
Iím why crime doesnít pay!

Some say Iím a bit thick,
and way too muscle bound.
I say Iím just the trick,
to spread justice around.

With mutant robots in the air,
everyday brings some new trial.
Damn! It doesnít seem fair,
but I canít afford denial!

All this insane tension
makes me long for my pension.

Captain Infallible is a ‘talent’.  He was someone born with powers and abilities beyond those of your normal Joe average person, or in other words, a non-talent.  He was once part of an international ‘talent organization’ named PLATE.  PLATE often assisted local law enforcement agencies, and assumed responsibility for apprehending dangerous ‘rouge talents’, people with special abilities that used them for criminal purposes.

Due to a tragic turn of events, many members of PLATE were lost a few years back.  Apparently, Captain Infallible’s own wife, Solange LeCalm-Infallible, was the instigator of the events that lead to the destruction of PLATE.  The exact nature of her involvement is unknown to the Captain, and the general public lives in ignorant bliss of the suspicions surrounding her involvement.  Still, since she went into hiding immediately thereafter, the Captain view this being an obvious admission of some level guilt, led the Captain, heart heavy, to disavow and divorce her.

He has spent recent years trying to build a new ‘talent organization’, this one called ‘The League of Government Heroes’, or LGH for short.  This organization, unlike the previous one, is fully funded and sanctioned by the government.  Despite the Captains best efforts he has had some difficulty recruiting the surviving talents into the LGH.  Most prefer to either work for the private sector, go into hiding, or, well, go rouge.

As a single father, the has Captain raised two sons, Marcus and Malcolm, and lives in the Tower of Infallitude.  Despites all the trials he’s faced, he has still manage to make time to be a proper father, and guide his children through their rocky adolescence.

And, on occasion, ponders his wife’s role in his life, and wonders if he may have been too rash in his own judgment….