Doctor Insano

Welcome to our universe.

Thank you for stopping by our little corner on the internet.

We hope you enjoy our web comic as much as we do.

Doctor Insano is produced by J. Floyd and B. A. Gibson, two friends and colleagues, who while not having a whole lot of free time on their hands, do have fairly active imaginations and like to share their musings and odd thoughts with others. This site serves as a portal into that strange world that has been born of those two imaginations.

Updates and new comics are being posted somewhat irregularly at the moment, but we hope to pick up the pace as we develop a routine. Time for us is a bit scarce though. In addition to our work life, one of us has a family and a loving wife to attend to. The other just has too many damn toys sucking up his time. We'll get things done as we can.

We would like to extend our thanks to all of you who have sent us praise and positive comments. We greatly appreciate the support we have thus been given. That support has served as a major impetus for us to continue work on this project.

And for those that have sent us criticisms and barbed comments, we would like to thank you too, and let you know that we have given all such commentary the proper consideration they are due as we flushed them down the toilet.

Thank you all.

Have a spectacular day.